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Apr. 2nd, 2008



If anyone here is prone to injury, it's me. By far. I could probably break my arm just walking on a flat, even, surface. Actually, I'm positive I could.

So of course, you can't expect me to get through track without hurting myself, now can you? While sprinting, I was pushed into this "ditch" that runs alongside our track, and I of course couldn't walk away without injury and ended up twisting my ankle. I didn't think it was real bad until I was practicing for long jump and the coach told me to sit on the side and watch instead. And she didn't even know I had hurt myself!

Relaxation, here I come!

Apr. 1st, 2008


Happy April!

The first day of April is here! Happy April Fools Day!

We did the mile in gym today, and I got my best time yet, but the teacher didn't believe me and sent me around for another lap. She wouldn't even deduct the time it took for her and I to argue about whether or not I was finished. So of course that put me way back at almost 8 minutes- ew!

Well it taught me a lesson I guess. I'm not sure what that lesson is, but I'm sure it taught me something.

Mar. 31st, 2008



I realized today that a lot of girls around me struggle with having self-confidence. And since I too am working on building my confidence, I figure it would be beneficial if I'd share a few of the "secrets" I discovered.

FelineFancy's Helpful Hint #1
In order to remind yourself that you are all-that, you should remind yourself every so often with a "sign." Literally. For instance, right by my door I have a bulletin? board (I'm not sure what it's called) and I keep little things there. For instance, to help focus my thoughts on the good things about me, I have a magazine clipping put up that says
"I am
I am pretty.
I am
I am going to
make a difference.
I am unique.
I am fresh.
I am so not going to settle for less.
I am unstoppable.
I am pretty.
And you might think it's vain. But it's not. It's assuring yourself of what you are. Which (I know: it sounds [again] really corny) is one of the best things you can do to yourself.

I am so going to get that whole sounding-really-corny thing under control. Trust me.

Mar. 30th, 2008


Getting there

The end of spring break. No more sleeping in for me! It's back to waking up at 5am and then being bombarded with schoolwork, more schoolwork, and then homework.
And track. Track is the lovely sport that had me limping around for the first few days of spring break. Aha, not fun.

I, unfortunately, spent the majority of my last-day-of-break cleaning my room. Which was in major need of it, by the way. Now everything inside my room is clean and organized. Good thing too, since it took from late morning to early afternoon. And dragging that vacuum up the stairs? Never, ever, again. I don't care how good of a workout it is, it was a killer. It literally fell down the stairs. Twice.

So finally, after I get the vacuum into my room, I decide to clean off the top half of my desk. Which, apparently, isn't nailed to the wall like I thought. And so, of course, it crashed onto me. Luckily I put my arm up at the last second and so I wasn't hurt much (just a little bruised) but tons of my collectibles broke.

After my near-death-experience (exaggerating, haha), I went running for an hour, came back to play softball with my family, went running more, and then tried out some yoga. And now here I sit, sipping my water-bottle and relaxing. Because hey, relaxing is a key role in everyones happiness. 

Mar. 29th, 2008



So here I am. A feline-obsessed-girl who decided to come and put her life stories onto the internet. I bet you all are so excited to read about my life. Haha, not.

But that doesn't bother me, so I'll tell you anyway!

I decided to come join livejournal because I want to stop caring about what people think of me. I want to be myself and have confidence. I know, it sounds really corny. But I'm (a) being honest and (b) not caring what it sounds like.

All part of the plan. 


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